Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Update — Pics and more Pics

My wagon is DONE!! and it looks GREAT. SO proud of all the work that went into this and many many thanks to my son Joey who helped me with nearly every single step of this restoration. Justin and Steve also helped out a ton and many thanks go out to both for their help and friendship.

The pictures pretty much follow the progression of the tear down and re-assembly. Started June 27th and finished by August 27th. What a ride ( pun intended )

CIMG4100 - Copy CIMG4101 - Copy - Copy CIMG4103 - Copy CIMG4107 - Copy CIMG4108 - Copy CIMG4109 - Copy (2) CIMG4113 - Copy (2) CIMG4145 - Copy CIMG4155 - Copy CIMG4160 - Copy CIMG4176 - Copy CIMG4186 - Copy CIMG4192 - Copy CIMG4221 - Copy CIMG4222 - Copy CIMG4230 - Copy CIMG4234 - Copy CIMG4239 - Copy CIMG4240 - Copy CIMG4257 - Copy CIMG4259 - Copy CIMG4269 - Copy CIMG4296 - Copy CIMG4303 - Copy CIMG4306 - Copy CIMG4318 - Copy CIMG4321 - Copy CIMG4422 - Copy CIMG4424 - Copy CIMG4425 - Copy CIMG4426 - Copy CIMG4450 - Copy CIMG4453 - Copy CIMG4456 - Copy CIMG4457 - Copy CIMG4472 CIMG4478 CIMG4486 CIMG4488 CIMG4493 CIMG4538 CIMG4541 CIMG4561 CIMG4635 CIMG4636 CIMG4638 CIMG4640 CIMG4644 CIMG4647 CIMG4656 CIMG4660 CIMG4676 CIMG4678


About GusSaar

Realtor associated with Century 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. in the Tracy office, I specialize in representing both Residential and Commercial Buyers and Sellers in the Tracy, Mountain House, Manteca and Lathrop areas of Northern California.
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