New Cutlass Hatdtop

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on lately. It’s a bit of a rust bucket actually, but once I heard it run I wanted it. My son Joey and I went up to Clear Lake to pick it up, another in a string of successful road trips he has made with me to buy  Oldsmobile cars or parts.

1969 Olds Holiday Coupe

350 Engine. 350 TH 3 speed tranny

Lunati CAM and Lifter kit

Hooker Headers

Edelbrock intake, Holley Carb

New Master Cylinder and Vacuum assist

New Calipers and Pads

New Exhaust with H pipe



Here are some pictures from late 2017 of some of the work I have done.



About GusSaar

Realtor associated with Century 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. in the Tracy office, I specialize in representing both Residential and Commercial Buyers and Sellers in the Tracy, Mountain House, Manteca and Lathrop areas of Northern California.
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